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LOU  Patrick Jouin

Patrick Jouin is remarkable for his elegant, refined style which is always at the service of the project. The search for a balance between tradition and innovation leads to a luminous, enchanting production. He is also praised for his ability to hold together the practical use of an object and the scenography of a space, its line, its beauty.

A very nice style exercise on the theme of lightness and comfort. Taking the spirit of a club chair as his starting point, Patrick Jouin sought to maximise the comfort on offer by removing all gratuitous elements. Thus one obtains a very fluid, incredibly subtle seat, which seems to have terminated its relationship with the ground thanks to its suspended seat, held in cantilevered position above the base, which in itself constitutes a remarkable technical innovation.

W 136 cm D 75 cm H 74 cm SH 44 cm
W 67 cm D 75 cm H 74 cm SH 44 cm